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Hello glorious backer!

We’ve put together a quick guide to help answer any questions you might have regarding character names for either the last known Fictorum, or an Non-Player Character (NPC) to be used in a text-based event.

The Last Known Fictorum is the main character and who the player steps into. He’s one of the most powerful wizards on the continent and can morally range from a Robin Hood, fighting for the poor and forgotten in this world, to an archetypal evil wizard, maliciously destroying any that stand before him without hesitation. The name that you choose for this character will be in the pool of random names that can be selected for the player. Here’s what the screen looks like.


An Event NPC will be used in a text-based event. This character will always be in this event and any description you provide will help us add more depth and detail to the interaction. Nearly all events are handled on the world map. You can see this in action below:


We’re looking for fantasy names that fit the setting. Some good examples that our backers have submitted are:

  • Jondar
  • Suroch Kall
  • Serath
  • Aliorna the Clairvoyant


Here’s what we’re not looking for:

  • Combination of words (Burning Sizzle, Maulface)
  • Celebrities and existing fictional characters (Harry Potter, Ron Swanson, Gandalf, Shang Tsung, Jerry MacGuire)
  • Names that look like they could be an AOL account (XxSlickWizardxX, Psycho151, ZsNorDeezZz)